FASTag by Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank FASTag program is part of National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) initiative rolled out by NPCI under the aegis of NHAI and IHMCL.

FASTag is a simple to use, reloadable tag which enables automatic deduction of toll charges and lets you pass through the toll plaza without stopping for the cash transaction. FASTag is linked to a prepaid account from which the applicable toll amount is deducted. The tag employs Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology and is affixed on the vehicle`s windscreen after the tag account is active.

FASTag is a perfect solution for a hassle free trip on national highways. FASTag is presently operational at 400 plus toll plazas across national and state highways. Under the FASTag program in the future, PNB is considering to buy more toll plazas.

Charges & Validity of FASTag

FASTag charges vary based on the category of vehicle. There are also joining fees, a one-time tag deposit amount, threshold amount, convenience fees (for online recharge), and taxes as applicable.

Threshold amount is the minimum recharge amount at the time of tag activation. The tag deposit amount is refundable at the time of closure of the FASTag account. Deduction of the toll fee depends on vehicle type and plaza.

According to the NHAI (National Highways Authority of India), there is a validity of 5 years for a FASTag; charge only as required.

Vehicle ClassNPCI Mapper ClassType of vehiclesTag ColorTag DepositThreshold Amount
4  Select appropriate mapper class as per vehicle type in CBS menuCar / Jeep / Van / Tata Ace and Similar Light Commercial VehicleViolet200100
5Light Commercial vehicle 2-axleOrange300140
6Light Commercial vehicle (Bus/Truck) 3-axleYellow400300
7Bus/Truck 2-axle / Mini-BusGreen400300
12Tractor / Truck 4-6 AxlePink400300
15Truck 7-axle and aboveBlue400300
16 Earth Moving / Heavy Construction Machinery Black 400 300

How to Apply for Punjab National Bank FASTag

It is very simple to apply for a Punjab National Bank FASTag

  • Walk into the nearest branch of Punjab National Bank to apply for a FASTag
  • Apply online on the bank’s website. Follow this path to register online.

Documents required for Punjab National Bank FASTag

Following documents are necessary at the time of registration:

All documents submitted must be in the name of the vehicle owner.

What is the procedure for recharging Punjab National Bank FASTag?

You can easily recharge your FASTag from Punjab National Bank by logging into your PNB FASTag account and making the payment using a range of payment options, such as net banking, debit card, or credit card.

Recharging Punjab National Bank FASTag through UPI

Use netc.VehicleNumber@BankUPIHandle

What is the FASTag Helpline Number for Punjab National Bank?

If you are facing any issues with your PNB FASTag, you can call the customer care number of Punjab National Bank which is 18004196610. The NHAI dedicated helpline for FASTag is 1033.

Benefits of using Punjab National Bank

  • FASTag is now active at 400+ toll plazas throughout national roads, providing a single tag for usage across the country. Under the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) initiative, the system is interoperable, and you can use the same FASTag at any toll plazas. The FASTag programme is considering to include more toll plazas.
  • To avoid large lines at the Toll Plaza, take the following steps:
  1. When your car reaches the toll plaza, the tag reader at the toll gates reads your FASTag and deducts the appropriate toll costs from your tag wallet.
  2. As a result of this, every toll plaza’s waiting time has become considerably less.
  • Forget about carrying cash to pay tolls: The toll money is debited immediately from your wallet account, eliminating the need for toll transactions to be made with cash.
  • FASTags let you to speed past toll gates without having to wait for transactions, saving you time and money. This helps you save a lot of time and money.
  • SMS notifications for each toll transaction: Users receive an immediate SMS notice for each toll plaza transaction made on their tag account. This makes it possible for the user to keep track of their account balance.
  • Users may quickly recharge their tag account online or at any of the POS stations located at toll plazas. They may top up their account with a credit card, debit card, Netbanking, or UPI app.
  • FASTag customers may register an account on the web portal to maintain their tag account without having to deal with any problems. They may use this web access to check items like tag balances, transactions, and account information.

How to disable a FASTag account in the event that the car is stolen?

Your Punjab National Bank FASTag should be returned to the bank if it is damaged. The account will be terminated, and you will be required to register a new account with the amount from the previous account transferred to the new one, as well as a replacement tag.

If your FASTag is stolen or lost, you must immediately notify the bank’s customer service department as well as the local police station. A copy of the police report should be sent to the bank if the bank wants it. Email can also be used to report a misplaced card. The FASTag will be banned, stopped, or terminated once the complaint has been validated. After paying the issuance fees, a replacement tag will be issued, and the amount from the old account will be transferred to the new account.