FASTag by Bank of Maharashtra

Maharashtra State Bank FASTag is a new generation of contactless toll collecting. FASTag is a reloadable card that allows toll costs to be deducted automatically when driving through toll plazas. FASTag allows for cashless purchases and helps to keep toll plazas clear.

Customers’ prepaid accounts/e-wallets are connected to Bank of Maharashtra FASTags. The card is then attached to the vehicle’s windscreen when it has been activated. The information from the tag is read by tag readers at toll plazas using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The associated prepaid accounts/e-wallets are immediately deducted with the relevant toll costs when the vehicle travels through the designated FASTag lanes at the toll plaza.

Charges & Validity of FASTag

Issuance charges of the Bank of Maharashtra tag are INR150, across all vehicle categories, inclusive of all applicable taxes. Other Charges are mentioned in the table:

  1. Goods and Service Tax (GST) will be levied on all the prescribed fees & charges at the applicable rates.
  2. Convenience fee will be applicable for online recharge
  3. Charges mentioned above are subject to change. Please visit for the latest charges
Vehicle Class
Tag Deposit (Rs.)Threshold Amount (Rs.)
2Light Commercial vehicle 2
3Bus 2-axle400.00300.00
4Bus 3-axle400.00300.00
6Truck 2 – axle400.00300.00
7Truck 3 – axle500.00300.00
8Truck 4 – axle500.00300.00
9Truck 5 – axle500.00300.00
10Truck 6 – axle500.00300.00
11Truck Multi axle ( 7 and above)500.00300.00
12Earth Moving Machinery500.00300.00
13Heavy Construction machinery500.00300.00
14Tata Ace and Similar mini Light Commercial Vehicle200.00100.00

How to Apply for Bank of Maharashtra FASTag

Documents required for Bank of Maharashtra FASTag

You need to carry original as well as copy of your KYC document. You need to submit the following documents along with the application for FASTag:

Bank Customer: If you are a bank customer, you need Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle.

Non-Bank Customer:

  • Photo identity proof.
  • Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle.
  • Passport size photograph of the vehicle owner.
  • Valid Address Proof as per RBI guidelines.

What is the procedure for recharging the Bank of Maharashtra FASTag?

Once you’ve successfully complete the NETC-FASTag registration process, you will receive login credentials via email and SMS to access the wallet account through First time user will be asked to change the Login password. When you will login the portal, you can view your wallet account, FASTag registered, recharge NETC-FASTags online via Debit-card, UPI, Credit card, Internet Banking through

Benefits of using Bank of Maharashtra FASTag

  • Once the tag is operational, the windshield is fitted to align it with the RFID technology for a smooth voyage over national and state roadways.
  • The tag is valid for five years. After that, the user must refresh it as needed.
  • Reduced air pollution, reduced paper use, and sending SMS warnings when the toll cost is paid or the balance is low are just a few of FasTag’s environmental benefits.
  • The societal benefit of FasTag is that it reduces payment issues and enhances road management.
  • Fastag has a number of financial advantages, including less toll plaza administrative operations, centralised surveillance, and less cash.
  • Up to March 31, 2020, 2.5 percent of all FASTag payments will be deducted. Cashback
  • Online reloading/top-up is simple.
  • It may be refilled at any time of day or night using a credit card, debit card, or net bank account.
  • FASTag is applicable to any vehicle type, make, and model.